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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pay Time

Monthend activities still up, but we’re cool. Not as burnt I used to be back in my old workplace. Now we can go home and still see the sun shining, and catch TV Patrol. Back then I’d be home in the dead of night that I’d even miss the late-night news.

So if it isn’t work that’s stressing me out these days, (you can also exclude love by the way, somehow I found a diversion to make me forget at least)…then what? It probably has something to do with April 15 which is by the way a Saturday so make that April 17 (Monday) which happens to be the deadline for filing of income tax returns.

It never really troubled me before; my previous company takes care of that. Under Substituted Filing, a person receiving purely compensation income from ONE employer during the year won’t need to file Form 1700.

But for 2005, I had 2 employers and this adds a little knot to the process. I have to recompute tax due vs tax withheld equals either a payable or a refundable or a zero if they are equal. Good for those with the zero’s, all they have to do is fill out Form 1700 and file it to their RDO (Revenue District Office). If tax due is greater than the tax withheld, you have a tax liability meaning you have to pay this April 17. Otherwise it would mean hefty penalties & interests which you’d rather not have.

And so this is what upsets me. After actually remitting about a hundred thousand to the BIR in the form of taxes withheld for 2005, I still owe them 23K this April 17. I know this may not be as much as what Kris Aquino is paying or whoever, but it’s something I’ve actually worked my butts for. I don’t really mind paying up if I know where my money is going. But it’s pretty obvious how this supposedly “lifeblood” of the country doesn’t even reach the heart. Kaya unti-unting namamatay yung bansa. Somehow there are pockets waiting along the way.

And what about big fishes who can swim away without paying their dues? They get bigger and richer. Somehow our internal revenue system could be “workable”. I don’t mean to generalize, but you can’t really have a meal with honesty.

I’m also wondering when they will ever augment the personal exemption of 32K, 25K & 20K (for married, head of the family & single individuals respectively) plus the additional exemption of 8,000 per child/dependent. When will they ever realize that those amounts were stipulated many, many years back, when prices weren’t as sore to the pocket as they now are? That while prices go up, wages are left behind.

My friend who knows a lot about taxes advised me not to file anymore. There’s only a little chance, if any that BIR will know. Besides, it’s only loose change compared to what the big fishes are trying to evade. Immaterial. I shrugged. Tempting but I’m not sure if taking that chance would be worth it. If everybody would be thinking in this line, it’s obvious where our country is headed. It’s explicable to get disillusioned by the corrupt system that we have, but to have ourselves corrupted by the same system and be one of them, it’s unforgivable

Okay, I’ll pay.


Anonymous dads said...

nice article, malu. i like your thoughts about tax, changing the tax exemptions and all. :)

4:19 PM  

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