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Friday, February 24, 2006

State of Emergency

I’ve never been that into politics, but the last few days, I couldn’t help it any longer. While I’m writing this, a throng of angered protesters are marching to the Ninoy Aquino monument in Ayala, just right across the building where my office is. I knew it was EDSA’s 20th anniv today but the ironic news was it’s also been declared a state of emergency. All permits to rally has been cancelled, warrantless arrests have been made, and the media is being held in the neck. These are the makings of a martial rule that was toppled exactly twenty years ago.

If not for the rain of texts & YMs and live feeds from TV on the coup attempts and enraged rallyists calling for GMA to step down, I wouldn’t have known at all. This is not to say I do not have a care in the current national affairs, I do, I really do. Sometimes it can become too stressful to think of it a lot & hopeless most of the time. Like in my head I couldn’t possibly come up with something close to a cure to our diseased political system; who am I to say then that ousting GMA would bring an end to this war?

Couldn’t help but wonder what exactly are these people fighting for?

I’ve never been a fan of GMA, but I couldn’t even think of a name of a better alternative. I mean, given that she steps down, who would take over? Though I’m a true-blue kapamilya, Noli de Castro didn’t even cross my mind. But having said that I didn’t really mean that I support GMA. Perhaps until her term ends this 2010 (given that she won the election fair & square; otherwise it’s a different story) But hearing about Cha-Cha and her persistent efforts to move to a parliamentary form of government and her claim to being the best person to lead in the transition government until 2010, I somehow understand what the people down there are taking water cannons for.

They’re there because of an impending threat to the democracy that has been hard-won 20 years ago. Perhaps to guard the guarantees of freedom EDSA has won for us. Perhaps to take watch. Perhaps to keep the spirit of EDSA alive.

I’m wearing yellow today, without deliberate effort on my part. But I’m happy I did. In my heart I would like to go down there (not because Kris Aquino & James Yap are there as well) but to speak and be heard. But I certainly wouldn’t want my dad to get worried (he’s been texting me since this morning and asking me to go home).

Perhaps I’ll just join in prayer, that God would purify politics & politicians. And deliver us from this state of emergency.


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