This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world, and while she looked so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her, when she smiles... -Nine Days

Friday, February 03, 2006


I got this text message from a friend asking for one word that could best describe her and this is to be passed around to other friends to also give you an idea what others think about you. I gave her that 1-word, alright, but I was mum about the idea of passing it along…I thought, do I need other people telling me I’m either an angel or a brute? Hmmmnn…On second thought, would somebody really think I’m that bad? Of course you can guess what happened next…And you probably wouldn’t believe some of the answers, but my dear, you have to!

Precious- Sis Deo, my little sister in the sorority
BrilliantMelba, my best friend in grade school
StarMarianne, my best friend at home
ExtraordinaireJosielie, my best friend in high school
Magnanimous- Allan, my guy best friend
Malu-petVileo, my good friend

(Yep, pretty mighty words they have there… How many best friends can one have in a lifetime? For a single moment I felt like a real star …haha)

Responsible –Sahlee (hmmmn… I didn’t know that)
Pretty (2 )- Ella, Jay (Yup, 2 of them said I was,and I wanted to bat my eyelashes this very second)
Gorgeous- Bimbo-licous (magpapalibre lang to, I swear)
Sweet (2)- Alms, Lorie (wow that’s sweet..)
Fashionista – Jec (What gave you that idea…)
Reese- Princess (as in Witherspoon- winks, winks)
Belly dancer –Mersi (I didn’t know you were looking)
Lemon-Naomi (so you can make lemonades…)
Hopeless Romantic (1 word ?) –Jackie, Renan (story of my life)
Unpredictable- Ana A. (totally!)
Human- Ana M. (but of course…)
Hilarious- Chee (never a dull moment)
Bangaw??? – Brod emil (better explain..)

Well, try it yourself. I had big fun…


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