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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lhiza dearie

My good friend Lhiza is leaving in about four weeks, not for a vacation or business trip or something temporary. She’s going to Canada to live there for good. Her husband has been waiting for her for years already; it’s about time she packs her suitcase, and her mind I guess, with some mem’ries from home and take that plane.

Four weeks, that could seem a little far still, but I’d take no chance with time. The next thing I’ll know I’ll be getting postcards from Vancouver, and I wasn’t even able to wish her my farewell.

So Lhiz, while I’ve enough time, I’d like to send you my best wishes, and a little thanks for so many great times.
I’m half-thrilled, half-gray for you. I’m happy that you would finally be reunited with your hubby Gino, and together you’d chase the dreams you have for each other (and future babies, woohoo).

I’m sad coz I’ll really miss you.

Though we’ve not really been seeing each other as constantly (moving to another company, being busy and all), it’s different when we’re already continents apart. I just hope the distance wouldn’t grow that far. You promise me I’m joining you there pretty soon (hehe wag ka ma-pressure, I really wouldn’t need a spouse hehe)…

My thanks for one great gift of friendship.

Bon Voyage!


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